I am a coach and a dentist. I coach dentists, business executives and high-achieving people, who feel that something is missing. That "something" might be big and center around one’s philosophy of life, or it may involve smaller yet critical business issues: difficulty with a strategic business or financial plan, a methodology for staff meetings, or the development of a mission statement and goals that support your growth.

I will help you find that something.

We are astonishingly resistant to behavioral change. Just as our physical bodies are designed to protect us from sudden and potentially dangerous changes, our behavioral system is adept at derailing our attempt to change. Intentions and intellect aside, we need new tools for this work. We will work with these new tools.

Please peruse the site. It is quite different from many of the others that feature Coaching. I do not provide simplified, bulleted outlines about what you will achieve, nor do I promise you a quick fix. What I promise is a skillfully designed coaching program that embodies my commitment to your growth.

Please feel free to drop me a note at llaama1@mindspring.com. I offer a free introductory, in-depth consultation.

I look forward to meeting you.

Alan Goldstein

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